Weight loss bootcamp picks up where Lean for Life left off. Our 6-week bootcamp dives into the details of everything mentioned in the book (and more) to give you the 49% you're missing. Look forward to in-depth discussions and real-life applications of:

  • The Knowledge you need to succeed
  • Your Blueprint for lifelong success
  • Engineering your environments so it's easy to succeed & hard to fail
  • Mindware - mastering your mental game so the right choices become EASY & AUTOMATIC
  • Pain to Power - stop repeating the same mistakes, start learning from them & change your life forever
  • Mastery in Motion - you'll be amazed how "fitting everything in" to your already busy schedule doesn't just make you lean for life -- it actually SAVES you time!

If you're looking to develop the unconscious competence needed to get & stay lean for life, this bootcamp gives you the mindware needed to make it happen.

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