Marketing Mastermind

How would your life improve if you had a flood of perfect prospects, eager to pay a premium to do repeat business with you?

WITHOUT the drama, sales or support headaches...

Led by  Kevin Donlin , founder of  Client Cloning Systems , who has  added millions  to his clients bottom lines…

The Limit Slayer  Marketing Mastermind  is designed to help local businesses in the BNI network increase their bottom line WITHOUT chasing new clients, even if you think you've tried it all before..

So you can spend less, earn more and take the lion’s share of business in your local niche.


Weight loss bootcamp picks up where Lean for Life left off. Our 6-week bootcamp dives into the details of everything mentioned in the book (and more) to give you the 49% you're missing. Look forward to in-depth discussions and real-life applications of:

  • The Knowledge you need to succeed
  • Your Blueprint for lifelong success
  • Engineering your environments so it's easy to succeed & hard to fail
  • Mindware - mastering your mental game so the right choices become EASY & AUTOMATIC
  • Pain to Power - stop repeating the same mistakes, start learning from them & change your life forever
  • Mastery in Motion - you'll be amazed how "fitting everything in" to your already busy schedule doesn't just make you lean for life -- it actually SAVES you time!

If you're looking to develop the unconscious competence needed to get & stay lean for life, this bootcamp gives you the mindware needed to make it happen.

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FREE 2-Week Challenge

STOP gaining weight and START waking up Lean for Life in under 15 minutes/day with out FREE, fully-supported, 2-Week Weight Loss Challenge.

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