Marketing Mastermind

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About this course

How would your life improve if you had a flood of perfect prospects, eager to pay a premium to do repeat business with you?

WITHOUT the drama, sales or support headaches...

Led by Kevin Donlin, founder of Client Cloning Systems, who has added millions to his clients bottom lines…

The Limit Slayer Marketing Mastermind is designed to help local businesses in the BNI network increase their bottom line WITHOUT chasing new clients, even if you think you've tried it all before..

So you can spend less, earn more and take the lion’s share of business in your local niche.

Course Structure


Mastermind #1

And we're off to an amazing start with our first mastermind!

  • Kevin drops marketing value bombs left & right
  • Nick & Chris take furious notes to keep up
  • Everyone has an amazing time

And we're super-excited for the next meeting!

If you couldn't make it with us - give a listen, catch-up, and share your biggest "AH HA!" moment below!